Banjo Set-Up!

All Right!


If you made it to this page you must be a banjoist!  For almost 40 years, I  have been doing banjo set-ups.  A set-up is usually a total adjustment of all of the parts of a banjo.  For a complete set-up, I do completely disassemble the banjo.  If it can be avoided, I typically do not remove the tone ring or the flange from the wood rim of the banjo.  Over the years, every time I have acquired a new or old banjo, the first thing I do is take it apart and put it back together again.  The reason for this is, I like to check how each part fits together and how the parts work together as a whole.  The better these parts fit together the better the banjo will sound.  And also, if the banjo is reassembled correctly, the banjo will sound its very best.  Each set-up is different because each banjo is unique to itself. 

Every one of my banjo set-ups include consideration of:  head adjustment, type of head, fit of the tone ring, neck angle and neck heel fit, tailpiece angle, type/weight of bridge, string guaging, and the correct adjustment of the coordinator rods inside of the banjo.  I also take in consideration the banjo's design construction, including flathead, archtop, tube-and-plate flange, and one-piece flange banjos.  If only one part is not adjusted or assembled exactly right, the sound of the banjo will suffer. 

Over the years, I have set-up many banjos manufactured by Gibson, Stelling, Baldwin, Ode, Vega, Fender, Alvarez, Iida, Ibanez, Gold Star, Harmony, many Gibson reproductions, and several other brands.  All of these banjo designs are different and have to be set-up with the characteristics of each design in mind.  And, in addition to assembling and adjusting all of the parts of a banjo correctly, I have also discovered a formula for removing tarnish from nickel and chrome finishes.  So, when your banjo is in my shop, not only will you get a very accurate set-up, your banjo will look almost NEW when I'm finished.  All during my set-up process, I will treat your banjo as if it were mine. 

If you want your banjo to sound its best, give me a call.  We can discuss set-up pricing and shipping options.  And, if you live in Mississippi, Alabama, or Louisiana, our paths may cross at a show or festival.  You can bring your banjo and I can take it back to my shop and do the set-up and ship it back to you or meet you at another upcoming festival or show.  To talk set-up, give me a call at 662-323-9264 (CST).  I look forward to hearing from you.

If your want your banjo to sound ITS VERY BEST, call me now.




 Pictured above is a banjo I recently completed setting up.  It is a Rual Yarbrough Gibson reproduction and is one of the finest banjos I have ever experienced.  The left picture shows all of the parts of this excellent banjo and the right highlights the headstock and a disassembled tuner I repaired.


  Here are a few finished set-ups and some that are currently in progress. 


ca. 2000 Rual Yarbrough Gibson

2012 Washburn B17K

1978 GoldStar GF-100W

2007 Gibson RB-3 Reproduction

1995 Gibson RB-250 Mastertone

2003 Stelling Master's Cross Deluxe

1950s TB-150 Gibson Conversion

2006 Sullivan Festival Deluxe

2011 Recording King Elite 75

ca.2002 Morgan Monroe Rocky Top MNB-2

2002 Gibson RB-250 Mastertone